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Össur anounces 2019-2020 roster of Team Össur athletes

Twenty-two accomplished para-athletes, including many of the world’s most renowned and decorated Paralympians from across the globe, have been named to Team Össur, the global prosthetics and orthopaedics innovator announced today.

Össur has been a leader in advanced prosthetic technologies, including its pioneering work specifically for individuals participating in high-impact and athletic activities, for over 40 years. Its legacy in athletic prostheses, which began with the iconic Cheetah® running blade, has continued unmatched through an expansive line of lower-limb sports prosthetics innovations that today are synonymous with leading para-athletes.



The 2019-20 Team Össur roster includes athletes from all over the world, including:


  • Mohamed Lahna, triathlete and track cyclist, USA
  • Rudy Garcia-Tolson, swimmer and triathlete, USA
  • Sarah Reinertsen, triathlete, USA
  • Femita Ayanbeku, sprinter, USA
  • Trenten Merrill, long jumper, USA
  • Marissa Papaconstantinou, sprinter, CANADA


  • Markus Rehm, long jumper, GERMANY
  • Daniel Wagner Jörgensen, long jumper and snowboarder, DENMARK
  • Helgi Sveinsson, javelin, ICELAND
  • Jody Cundy, track cyclist, GREAT BRITAIN
  • Richard Whitehead, sprinter and marathoner, GREAT BRITAIN
  • Stefanie Reid, sprinter and long jumper, GREAT BRITAIN
  • Marlene van Gansewinkel, sprinter and long jumper, NETHERLANDS
  • Fleur Jong, sprinter, NETHERLANDS
  • Marie-Amelie Le Fur, sprinter and long jumper, FRANCE
  • Liisa Lilja, triathlete, FINLAND
  • Beatrice Vio, wheelchair fencing, ITALY

  • Itani Shunsuke, sprinter, JAPAN
  • Maya Nakanishi, sprinter and long jumper, JAPAN
  • Liu Meng, table tennis, CHINA


  • Ntando Mahlangu, sprinter, SOUTH AFRICA

“The members of Team Össur are some of the most accomplished and inspirational athletes in the world. Collectively, they have set dozens of World Records, earned countless medals in para-athletic competition, and demonstrated extraordinary acts of athleticism,” said Jon Sigurdsson, President and CEO of Össur.

According to Sigurdsson, Össur is equally proud to be working with a wider group of renowned individuals, many of whom also compete on the world's stage, as company Ambassadors.

“We are honored that all of these individuals, along with many other world-class competitors, recognize and choose Össur technologies as the “gold standard” in their quest for the podium,” he said. “We are excited to watch these and other athletes excel in the months and years to come. Everyone at Össur remains inspired and deeply committed to continuing to innovate on behalf of all individuals of all abilities and levels so even more people may enjoy a life without limitations.”