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Rebound® PCL

Rebound® PCL


The Rebound PCL is designed to apply a physiologically correct dynamic force, optimum for rehabilitation of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) ruptures, whether during functional (non-surgical) treatment or post-surgical reconstruction. The dynamic load of the Rebound PCL on the tibia is generated by applying an anterior directed dynamic force on the calf area, and opposing counter forces on the anterior aspect of the leg.

Indications for use

  • Rehabilitation of Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) ruptures, whether post-surgical reconstruction or during functional (non-surgical) treatment.

Features and benefits

  • A Dynamic Tension System™ designed to increase the load on the tibia as the knee goes through flexion, providing an anterior drawer force that reduces the load on the PCL.
  • Shear Knobs for specific load adaptation according to the patient’s individual anatomy and rehabilitation related requirements.
  • Polycentric Hinge with extension and flexion stops allowing for range of motion adjustment.
  • Anti-migration Straps (AMS) reduce migration and provide comfort while ensuring that the brace stays in correct position.
  • Breathable Sensil® liners reduce migration and skin irritation while providing comfort.

Order Information

*Order Using Össur's SmartMeasure iOS App
B-124501154 Rebound PCL Brace Custom Right*
B-124501155 Rebound PCL Brace Custom Left*
B-705130042 Extension Stop Kit
B-705130043 Flexion Stop Kit
B-465350087 Shear Knob Kit
PCL00061 S-L Strap Kit
PCL00062 XL-XXL Strap Kit
B-705130046 Condyle Kit
Rebound PCL- Off The Shelf
* M/L measurement: In a standard, weight bearing position - Using a Caliper: M/L at joint width, Using a Constant Force Caliper: M/L at knee axis line
** Calf circumference measurement: 15cm below knee center
*** Thigh circumference measurement: 15cm above knee center
DescriptionRightLeftCaliper M/L *Calf Circ. **Thigh Circ. ***
Small B-124501158 B-124501161 8.9 - 10.2cm 29 - 34.5cm 42 - 45cm
Medium B-124501159 B-124501162 10.2 - 11.4cm 34.5 - 38cm 45 - 51cm
Large B-124501160 B-124501163 11.4 - 12.7cm 38 - 42cm 51 - 58.5cm
Extra Large B-124501154XL B-124501155XL 12.7 - 14cm 42 - 47cm 58.5 - 66cm

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