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Miami Jr®

Miami Jr®

  • Innovative collar designed exclusively for children 12 and under
  • Four true pediatric sizes ensure optimal airway and the upper cervical spine immobilization
  • Sized according to the Broselow-Luten Color-Coding System
  • Sorbatex™ II pads make the collar “skin friendly” and protect skin integrity during extended wear
  • The Össur pediatric system also includes the NecLoc® Kids Extrication Collar, Occian™ Jr collar back for increased patient comfort and the Lil’Angel MR-Safe Halo System

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Order Information

Miami Jr Cervical Collar
Collar Collar Set Replacement Pads Size
MJ-P0 MJR-P0 MJP-P0 0-6 mths
MJ-P1 MJR-P1 MJP-P1 6 mths-2 yrs
MJ-P2 MJR-P2 MJP-P2 2-6 yrs
MJ-P3 MJR-P3 MJP-P3 6-12 yrs
Occian AirWay Pad (part # AP-T10) available.
Replacement pads and collars may be ordered separately.

Compatible Accessories:

Occian® Jr