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Miami TLSO 464

Miami TLSO 464


The Miami TLSO from Össur directly addresses the needs of patients and practitioners, simplifying preparation without compromising on fit or performance. This easy-to-use pre-assembled Miami TLSO brace offers three configurations in one. Easily applied in over the shoulder or underarm configuration, donning and doffing is further simplified with the conveniently located quick release buckles.


Easily applied in over the shoulder or underarm configuration, donning and doffing is further simplified with the conveniently located quick release buckles.


The universal belt designs allows for setting the belt length on the patient for a more accurate sizing experience


Truly shaped to fit the anatomy, the anatomically contoured design better immobilizes the spine while maximizing patient comfort

Ease of Use

The Miami TLSO brace requires minimal preparation and is designed to provide optimal patient comfort.

Product Highlights

  • Significantly superior comfort and ease of donning/doffing.*
  • Fully assembled for fitting with ease.
  • Accommodates heights 155-193 cm (5'1'' – 6'5'')
  • Posterior thoracic extension option with ergonomic axillary strapping.
  • Step-down to an LSO as one progresses through rehabilitation.
  • One-touch telescoping anterior-thoracic extension option with single or double-hinge.
  • The convenience of a one-size Universal or individualize with a uniquely-sized anatomical design.
  • Improve comfort and immobilization with multiple strapping configurations and removable anchors.

*Compared to Miami Lumbar TLSO

Indications for Use

Conditions requiring gross immobilization of the thoracic and lumbar spine. Such conditions may include:

  • Post-surgical immobilization
  • Spinal Support TLSO attachment is up to T7
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative spinal fractures
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spondylolysis

Order Information

Miami TLSO 464
Description Belt width Part#
Small Medium Large XLarge
Miami TLSO 464 Lordotic Standard 8” MTLSO-2111 MTLSO-2121 MTLSO-2131 MTLSO-2141
Slim 6” MTLSO-1111 MTLSO-1121 MTLSO-1131 MTLSO-1141
Miami TLSO 464 Non-Lordotic Standard 8” MTLSO-2211 MTLSO-2221 MTLSO-2231 MTLSO-2241
Slim 6” MTLSO-1211 MTLSO-1221 MTLSO-1231 MTLSO-1241
Miami TLSO 464 Universal
Description Belt width Part#
Miami TLSO 464 Universal Standard 8” MTLSO-2351
Slim 6” MTLSO-1351
Miami TLSO 464: Accessories
Description Part#
Axillary Strap Accessory kit MTLSO-0003
5mm Hex Tool MTLSO-0004
Standard Belt Extension* MLSO-2EXT
Slim Belt Extension* MLSO-1EXT
Össur Quick Fit Tool B-040100000


*Recommended for waist circumferences 127-177 cm (50"-70"). Fits size XL.

Miami TLSO 464 - Preassembled Kit
Part# Description Size Waist Circumference
MTLSO-2111 Miami TLSO 464 Small 66-86cm
MTLSO-2121 Miami TLSO 464 Medium 86-107cm
MTLSO-2131 Miami TLSO 464 Large 107-127cm
MTLSO-2141 Miami TLSO 464 Extra Large 127-177cm*
*Belt extensions are required for waist circumference larger than 127cm
Miami TLSO 464: Accessories
Part# Description
MLSO-1EXT 15cm Slim Belt Extension (Recommended for waist circumference 127-177cm)
MLSO-2EXT 20cm Standard Belt Extension (Recommended for waist circumference 127-177cm)
B-040100000 Össur Quick Fit Tool
MTLSO-0003 Axillary Strap Accessory Kit
MTLSO-0004 5mm Hex Long Wrench