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Innovator X® Post-Op Elbow

Innovator X® Post-Op Elbow


Benefiting from our proven, patented technologies, Innovator X, with extending struts. With superior comfort, clean aesthetics and the most user-friendly hinge in post-op bracing, Innovator X was designed to increase patient satisfaction and compliance.

  • Patented Form Fit® 3-dimensional padding and Lycra® lining improve fit and comfort
  • Comfort pad at the neck and shoulder
  • Optional arm bar accessory kit provides anti-supination/ pronation control during use
  • OneTouch button enables easy release for slide-to-size length adjustments
  • Easy-to-use Innovator hinge makes flexion and extension adjustments simple
  • Sensil® silicone padding on straps reduces migration for an improved fit and increased stability
  • Malleable aluminum cuffs allow customization for increased fit and support
  • Post elbow surgery: elbow reconstruction, ligament and tendon repairs, surgical repair of a fracture and biceps repair
  • Stable fractures
  • Mild to severe soft tissue injuries

Order Information

Innovator X Post-Op Elbow
Patent #: 5,334,135; 7,037,287
Other U.S. and foreign patents pending
W-823101 Left
W-823100 Right
W-A82310 Arm bar kit