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Unloader® FIT

What is knee Osteoarthritis (OA)?

Are You suffering from knee pain caused by OA?

Knee pains are very commonly experienced. Some of the symptoms you may feel in addition to knee pain may include joint pain, stiffness and swelling; as well as weakness in the ligaments and muscles around your knee. These can contribute to a reduction in your mobility.

What exactly causes osteoarthritis in my knee?

Knee OA is a chronic degenerative condition affecting the knee joint. It is characterised by the breakdown of cartilage which will eventually cause the bones to rub against each other, which can be very painful. A number of factors may contribute to the onset of knee OA, and the rate at which it progresses over time, such as:
  • Natural deterioration of the knee joint over time due to aging
  • Previous cartilage injury and/or knee surgery
  • Previous leg injuries or lower leg fractures
  • Excess impact on the knee joint – via sports or extra body weight

How do unloader braces alleviate knee OA symptoms?

Easy to use, compact and breathable, the Unloader FIT is the lightest arthritis brace in the market1, designed for those who are experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate knee arthritis or cartilage injury

The ‘BONE-ON-BONE’ friction in an untreated knee

Untreated, the cartilage will gradually wear down. The increased pressure on the underlying bone is the cause of the pain experienced by most osteoarthritis (OA) sufferers. The wear and tear on the cartilage will gradually cause the knee to become painful and feel stiff when moving.

Unloading a damaged knee affected by OA

Unloader knee braces such as the Unloader FIT apply a gentle force to unload the knee and reduce the the pressure on the affected side, resulting in a reduction in pain and thus allowing the patient to use the knee normally and more frequently.


Why the unloader fit is so effective

For mild to moderate knee OA symptoms

Highly Effective Proven Pain Relief


This brace features Össur’s dual Dynamic Force Straps (DFS) which have been clinically proven to provide pain relief.

Lightest Osteoarthritis Brace Available


Weighing only 296g the Unloader FIT is the lightest functional knee OA brace available. The sleeve design allows the brace to fit discretely under clothing.

Simple Easy Single Dial Adjustment


The amount of pain relief is easily adjusted with a single SmartDosing® dial – even through clothing.

Seamless Comfort and Ease of Use


With a seamless, easy to pull-on sleeve design, the Unloader FIT is comfortable and practical to wear.


Common FAQS About The Unloader Fit Brace Do you have a question? Ask us!