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More than a foot. It’s a family.

All Pro-Flex feet feature a unique and propietary 3-blade design with a footblade that incorporates a full effective toe lever and a more anatomical split toe. This innovative design helps generate exceptional toe-off energy and a fluid, natural progression from heel strike to toe-off. Now available with heel-height adjustability.

The Pro-Flex Family

How Does Pro-Flex Work?

Learn more about how Pro-Flex generates exceptional mechanical power.

Pro-Flex Product Comparison Chart

Click the buttons below to toggle and compare the different Pro-Flex foot options.

Pro-Flex Pivot Pro-Flex XC Pro-Flex XC Torsion Pro-Flex LP Pro-Flex LP Torsion Pro-Flex LP Align
Build Height 155 mm 155 mm 222 mm 73 mm 147 mm Size 24 - 116 mm/
Size 27 - 132 mm
Weight 920 g 670 g 1035 g 646 g 960 g Size 24 - 703 g /
Size 27 - 911 g
Weight Limit 125 kg 166 kg 147 kg 166 kg 147 kg Low Impact - 116 kg/
Moderate Impact - 100 kg
Impact Level Low-Moderate Low-High Low-High Low-High Low-High Low-Moderate
Category 1 to 7 1 to 9 1 to 8 1 to 9 1 to 8 1 to 6
Water Resistant Weatherproof Weatherproof Weatherproof Weatherproof Weatherproof Weatherproof
Unity Unity compatible Unity compatible Unity compatible Unity compatible Unity compatible Not Unity compatible
Size 22-30 22-30 22-30 22-30 22-30 22-28
Click the buttons above to compare Pro-Flex products.

*Build height and weight of foot are measured with the foot cover and sock for a size 27 foot.

**All Pro-Flex feet include split-toe compatible foot cover and black spectra sock in the box.