Unloader One X may help improve mobility and provide pain relief from knee osteoarthritis and degenerative meniscal tears. It features Össur's unique patented and clinically studied 3-point Leverage System that generates unicompartimental unloading of the knee joint


The Unloader One X’s patented 3-Point Leverage System and dual DFS straps biomechanically unload your affected knee compartment, resulting in a reduction of pain due to knee OA as well as degenerative meniscal tears.

Live the life you want, don’t let osteoarthritis knee pain hold you back.

Osteoarthritis: moderate to severe

Movement: average to high impact

Activities: walking, hiking, running, cycling


Lightweight and breathable soft-edge shells conform to your unique leg anatomy. Soft single-seamed straps eliminate bulk at the back of the knee and reduce chafing.

Easy to use

Alignment guide, color-coded touchpoints, and Quick Fit buckles allow for intuitive donning and doffing. Entire brace is machine washable for easy care and maintenance.